alexanonimo2302, man looking for women or couples for sex dating in Estado De Mexico, photo

alexanonimo2302 Meet Swinger Man

Mexico, Mexico, Estado De Mexico
Height 165 cm / 64.96 inch
My body is Regular
Ethnicity Hispanic
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark haired
Beard and/or mustache No
Intimately shaved (he) No
Weight 154 lbs / 70 kg
Body build Regular
I look for Only sex
I am Heterosexual
I like Bukkake, Gang bang, Orgies
I practice Photos exchange, Voyeurism, Penetrative sex, Soft games and oral sex, Exhibitionism
I look for Couple man woman, Woman
I like to play in unusual places Yes

alexanonimo2302 Meet Swinger

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Mexico Mexico Estado De Mexico

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