awinkawa, man looking for women or couples for sex dating in Beirut, photo
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awinkawa Meet Swinger Man

Lebanon, Beyrouth, Beirut
I look for Sex and friendship
I like Orgies, Bukkake
I practice Penetrative sex, Soft games and oral sex
I look for Couple transvestite transexual, Couple transexual transexual, Couple woman woman, Couple transexual woman, Woman, Transexual, Couple man woman, Couple transvestite woman, Couple transvestite transvestite, Transvestite
I like to play in unusual places Yes
I attend swingers clubs Yes
I use webcam Yes
I am willing to travel Yes
I can host Yes
Attend parties Yes
I own Car
I am willing to join organized travels for Swingers Yes
Sex at first dating Yes
I can travel up to over 1500 km / 932 miles
Preferably Holidays, Weekend, Afternoon
Sport Swimming/Diving
I smoke (he) Yes
I drink (he) Yes
Hobbies Meeting new people

awinkawa Meet Swinger

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Lebanon Beyrouth Beirut

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