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VERY intimate Massage for Ladies Only

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Description Hello! I'm an enthusiastic male newcomer to massage, and I'm looking for female practice bodies.

The only f*****g I do these days is with my fingers; however you need to be broad-minded, and you set the boundaries. The massage will be very intimate ("back door" available on request), and you will probably climax at least once. During and after the massage I would like you to give me feedback, so that I can learn. I will host, and have my own massage table (the best time of day is late afternoon / early evenung, so that we won't be disturbed). We will take our time, so you need to allow at least two hours once you get here. I would suggest that we meet for coffee first of so that we can get to know each other, then if you don't like me you can just walk away.

There will be no charge, as I am not a professional. The only cost to you is getting here and returning home.

VERY intimate Massage for Ladies Only

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